– Do you finance? What if I miss my appointment?

To reserve any appointments, a 20% deposit is required. The deposit is applied towards the total cost of the procedure, which must be paid in full after your appointment is complete. You MUST give us at minimum 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule—or the deposit is lost, and you will have to pay another 20% deposit in order to reschedule.  Real emergencies excluded with some evidence of the emergency. Christine blocks off 2-2.5 hours per client, so these rules ensure that her time is respected and only serious clients who want the procedure book her. 

 – Is Microblading better than tattooing eyebrows with a machine deep in the dermis (old style tattooing as permanent makeup)?

Absolutely. Not only can conventional tattoo machines destroy hair follicles permanently by penetrating deeper into the skin, but the machines do not produce crisp hairstrokes the way Microblading can. Microblading offers a much more realistic alternative that either blends in beautifully with the brow hairs that you do have, or simulates brow hairs in the most natural method available as a semi permanent solution. Since body tattoo machines go deeper into your skin, there is also a disadvantage in color: more skin heals over ink from a tattoo machine than from microblading, which causes blurrier/duller color, or more faded looking lines. The other issue is that some artists incorrectly use body ink on the brows, which accounts for blue, green, orange, red or pink eyebrows – drawn as if by a marker. With an experienced and skilled artist, you can achieve beautifully natural results, which fades away very naturally over time (about 1-3 years).

– Is semi permanent makeup safe?

Semipermanent makeup has been around for many, many years and modern techniques + high quality inks have made it possible to create natural, safe results. For people in general good health, who don’t have any of the contraindications, it is a very safe and beautiful practice. A good candidate should be in reasonably good health, be 18 or older, not pregnant or breastfeeding, without a major medical condition at the time, and does not have skin conditions in the desired target areas (i.e. acne, blemishes, scars, burns, swelling, rashes, psoriosis, eczema, rosacea, keloids/hypertrophic scarring). Every client is treated with the utmost care regarding health and safety. New, disposable, unopened tools are always used for every single client—which is immediately disposed of after that client’s use. IT IS ALSO INCREDIBLY RARE for anyone to be allergic to the water-based, natural inks that I use. 

– Will my brows come out exactly the way I want?

With meticulous measuring/drawing and an in-depth consultation, Christine’s goal is to make her clients ecstatic over the results. Please be advised, that although you may have the ideal vision of the outcome in mind, it is at the artist’s discretion to measure your face and show you what would look best according to your bone structure and proportions. There are factors such as uneven bone structure, muscle movements, and uneven-growing brow hairs or brows that are not level that create challenges for the artist in the goal of perfect symmetry. Christine WILL NOT touch your face or start working until her client is happy with the shaping and understands the design goals. Color retainment can vary by individual and skin type, and ink places under the skin can sometimes spread out. It is imperative that the client follows the aftercare instructions well for the best possible outcome and beautiful color. Half of the results are how you care for the brows during healing!

– Are touch-ups included?

Touchups have a price schedule of $150 for a touch-up within 1-6 months, and then $300 for a touch-up between 7-12 months. Not everyone will want or need a touchup right away, although it is recommended for most to fill in any natural fading or unevenness after the first session – which also helps with longer term color retainment. After 2-3 weeks of healing, you will know if you want or need a touchup. I schedule touch-ups 3 weeks at the earliest after your initial procedure, which is the time needed for your skin to heal and be ready for more handling. After you are satisfied, a yearly 7-12 month touchup is recommended to maintain optimal color and shape.

– Who may not be good candidates for semi permanent makeup?

  • Those prone to keloids and hypertrophic scarring

  • Those with persistent and extreme skin conditions (i.e. acne, blemishes, scars, burns, swelling, rashes, psoriosis, eczema, rosacea, keloids, veins in the brows)

  • Those with unrealistic expectations that permanent makeup will create their perfect dream aesthetic, or expects their brows to look exactly as they do on Day One for the duration of the eyebrow tattoo

  • THOSE WHO ARE EXTREMELY, OVERLY SENSITIVE TO PAIN or have emotional trouble coping with pain (My numbing method is excellent, and it is generally very tolerable! Some people with health conditions may not numb well, or require multiple rounds of numbing. If you don’t numb well at the dentist, you may have similar issues with the Microblading).

  • Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding

  • Those with any major or chronic medical conditions, recent major surgery or physical procedure or anything compromising the immune system (*Consult with your physician and provide medical clearance from the physician treating the condition)

  • Anyone with autoimmune conditions (*Consult with your physician and provide medical clearance from the physician treating the condition)

– How do I prepare for my semi permanent makeup appointment?

DO NOT take blood thinning medications (i.e. aspirin, Advil/ibuprofen), caffeine, alcohol, multivitamins (especially including vitamin E or fish oil), for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. They will cause more bleeding, which makes it hard for me to see the lines clearly, but it also makes you as the client more sensitive and sore during the procedure. Not following those instructions will cause more sensitivity and pain. Please come well-rested and relaxed! It is supposed to be exciting!

 – How long does the color last?

Approximately 2-3 years. This depends on every person’s individual skin type. It is unrealistic to give a very specific amount of time that your treatment will last—as it all has to do with skin cell renewal time, oiliness level, as well as your frequency of exercise/sauna use/sun exposure/exfoliation. In general, Microblading requires touchup after several months. Christine recommends getting touchups when you start noticing the color fade, or every year to maintain optimal results.

– What are aftercare instructions?

Please refer to the comprehensive Aftercare Page under “Services” in the Menu options.

– Can I return to work right away?

Yes. If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, you may want to get permanent makeup done on a Friday or or during a holiday/vacation. Most people have no problems going right back to work. The color may be intense or darker than expected on Days 2-5, but DO NOT WORRY! This all fades into the intended color after about a week. It is normal to see around 30% fade in color.

– Will my results change over time?

Yes. Although the fading is very subtle and occurs over a period of time, the skin’s natural dilution of the color will cause the appearance to change. That is why we recommend touchups when the fading becomes noticeable. The name “permanent” does not mean that it lasts forever—It has now become known that no ink really lasts forever, and the conventional inks used in body art tattooing is not necessarily safe for the face.

 – Can you correct someone else’s work?

Yes. If you were not happy with another artist’s work, Christine is happy to correct and improve upon the work you have received in the past. If there is a noticeable color that would disrupt a good coverup, I will either refuse to work on it or recommend saline removal and healing prior to touching it. Sometimes, clients understand that covering up a dark or old botched tattoo may take several sessions to achieve an overall improvement. As long as they understand it may take some time and a few sessions, I am willing to work on the brows instead of removing first. Cover-up work or fixing previously done jobs is challenging, so the client must understand that although the brows can significantly improve, sometimes the exact desired results may not always be attainable.


– Who is not a good candidate for the procedure?

Someone with blood clots, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, albinism, heart or liver disease, undergoing antibiotic therapy or chemotherapy, on longterm bloodthinners (must be off for 2 weeks), or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Bleeding makes the procedure more difficult and puts someone with a blood condition at risk. Any major autoimmune conditions and/or major surgeries within the year requires medical clearance from the doctor treating them for that specific condition.

– How many sessions are required?

Every client will need 1-3 sessions, depending on how well the skin absorbs pigment as well as any factors that may require more touchups (scars, old previous work, etc.)

 – How long does this last?

Once we have achieved the desired final results in 1-3 sessions, the treatment can last you up to 5-7 years. It is critical that we do not go too deep into the skin, which can cause blotchiness or blurry pigmentation.

 – If I have scars from follicular unit transplantation (FUT) surgery or follicular unit extraction (FUE) surgery, am I able to tattoo over the scars?

Absolutely. The scar tissue may require more work, as the scar tissue absorbs pigment much faster than normal skin, and the color may not take as well as other areas. Scar tissue by nature is unpredictable and can either be super-absorbent or lean towards rejecting the pigment. But with touchups, we can achieve a great coverup of the scars and get great results. FUT or linear scars are the most challenging to camouflage, and we both must be realistic: We can achieve amazing camouflage results to where it is very difficult to notice it, but 100% concealment is unrealistic. Thinner, flatter scars are easier to cover than raised scars.

– If I want to laser previous work before starting with you, how long do I need to wait before I can get my new tattoo?

After your laser procedure for scalp pigmentation removal, you need 3-4 weeks to rest before starting new treatments with me. Depending on how deep and how problematic the previous work is, you may need more than one laser treatment. The technique I use with the Scalpa International team allows our work to be removed in typically just one laser removal session.